Tuesday, March 26, 2013

LEO - Low Earth Orbit Spaceflight Mission Simulator

It is very exciting to announce the release of this new aerospace app. As cheap as I am, and as new as I may be to the world of smartphones, it is really telling that this would be my first download to the new android phone.

Doug, the creator of LEO, explains the purpose of this "game" in greater detail in this brief PDF. Simply put, if we are to earn our future in space, we will need plenty of astronauts, plenty of young people who are both willing and able to understand complex space issues like orbital dynamics. This software offers a fun and educational way to learn about spaceflight. Edutainment one might say?  In any event, this may be a game, but it is not always easy.  Like real spaceflight, this will take some practice and skill to master.  Proportional to the effort, however, is the reward to be had from succeeding at simulated space missions.

"LEO – Low Earth Orbit is a 2D Spaceflight Mission Simulator that lets you fly a spacecraft in orbit. From basic tasks such as launch, orbital maneuvering and landing you’ll graduate to advanced missions such as Space Station rendezvous, astronaut rescue and dodging space debris. Then, to wrap it up you’ll get to blast some debris with missiles (a stupid but fun pastime!). Wrapped together with comprehensive briefings and training material, those that master LEO will be rewarded with an in-your-bones understanding of the basics of orbital flight. Available for the iPad and Android tablets."

You can get LEO from the following sources:

For the iPad at iTunes
For Android at Google Play
For Android/Kindle Fire at Amazon

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