Friday, February 8, 2013

Qaher F313 - Supposed Iranian stealth fighter

The Qaher F313 certainly looks as if it is either a fake aircraft, perhaps simply a plastic and fiberglass model, or at best, a poorly performing subsonic jet that is not capable of combat. Even that is a real stretch as the thing simply does not look like a real aircraft at all. Note no engine details shown, no rivets, not much in the way of electronics, and a cockpit and nose that are way too small for a piloted aircraft... the canopy looks like acrylic lifted from a theme park ride.

Why even bother with this when you can just use F14s or MiG-29s? Iran is a crazy country, or the leaders are anyway, but they are no North Korea. Yet this fake jet would only make sense coming out of a country like NK.  It is too dumb, even for Iran.

I know Iran is part of the axis of evil and all, but I cant help feel sorry for a country that does this sort of thing.

There are videos that are supposed to show the jet flying at high speed (with obviously fake sound effects) and to me they resemble an RC jet more than anything.


The Do It Guys ! said...

No rivets on Qaher F313, if you look at the F117 it has no exposed rivets. Is it a fake also?

High Power Rocketry said...

The F117 does not look like a shiny new fiberglass boat.