Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Selatan Space Program

"My Space Programme, Selatan was Initiated, standalone, in 1980, involves the design, simulation and construction of Spacecraft Propulsion and its system. All this is made Possible by a collaboration. My Space Programme primarily targeted for sub-orbital space tourism flight servicing for general public and its variant codenamed Master Blaster for superior water Defence capability. My Space Programme does not include, at this point of time, Moon or Mars mission.

I personally invite international Investors , Sponsors , Contractors (Airframe / engine) for smart partnership and collaboration while Reaping Rewards from patent sharing and Intellectual Property filings by forming a Joint Venture or a consortium, as Being a part of My Space Programme Initiatives (MSPI) . The cans headquarters be located anywhere The annual London, Paris or New York, as good as it gets. This year 2013 is a year for MSPI campaign garnering support leading to JV setup.

Road maps include 1. static modeling, public sales, in the 1st year (2014) 2. functional modeling, government / corporate sales, in the 2nd year (2015) 3. mockup, government / corporate sales, in the 2nd year (2015) 4. prototyping, government / corporate sales, start in 2nd year, to be completed in the 5th year (2015 to 2018) 5. assembly plant, government / corporate sales."  - Translated by Google from


windmills said...

Fantastic...worth the try...looks like trillion dollar business potential

Az said...

interesting ... got to invest