Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not your typical jet engine

"As part of the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program, the U.S. conducted extensive research showing that nuclear fission could power an aircraft. The research involved a series of Heat Transfer Reactor Experiments (HTREs), which tested if different types of jet engines could be run by nuclear power. In 1955*, however, the project was cancelled, and a safe, operational prototype aircraft was never developed. In this 1988 photo, the two HTRE reactors are shown in transport to Idaho National Laboratory's EBR-1 visitor center, where they remain today. | Photo courtesy of Idaho National Laboratory."

*This should be 1961, it seems.

DOE Photostream.

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Mark said...

The project was cancelled in 1961, not 1955. HTRE-1 didn't even go critical until December 1955. Wonder how the DoE, of all people, managed to get that wrong...