Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ethics of Building and Launching HPR

"I am currently a college student and one of my courses is having a discussion on ethics this week. I am wondering what precautions are taken by RSOs to ensure everything is safe. What happens if an RSO finds a rocket to be unsafe or if there is a dispute between the owner and the RSO? These questions came to me after reading all the posts concerning the ROCKET CITY REDNECKS. It seems that they do rather unsafe things for the sensationalism of being on TV. Also, I downloaded Nat Geos LDRS 2010 and LDRS 2012 and found that the majority of the show was catastrophic launches. Having never been to a club launch what is the typical failure rate of larger rockets.

I picture an individual with a degree in a relating field who is new to rocketry and thinks he knows exactly what he is doing, but in reality does something potentially unsafe because of his lack of experience.

On the flip side to that What is done about people biting off more than they can chew while creating a one-of-a- kind design using ROCKSIM or a similar program?

I have read a few graduate level theses about the difference between computer yielded results compared to actual results. I feel that people in this hobby may becoming too reliant on what ROCKSIM or OPEN ROCKET is saying and forget their good judgment. I understand the safety needs to come first and is extremely important but also taking a little bit of calculated risk is not always a bad thing. I would appreciate to hear everybody’s thoughts on ETHCIS in Rocketry."

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