Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full-room radiation mapping device

SRNL Deploys Innovative Radiation Mapping Device AIKEN, S.C. –

The Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL), EM’s national lab, has made strides with remote technology designed to reduce worker exposure while measuring radiation in contaminated areas. Building on a successful collaboration with the United Kingdom’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), SRNL completed successful deployments of RadBall, a radiation-mapping device, after testing at the Lab’s shielded cells. The device provides technology to remotely perform characterization needed for deactivation and decommissioning (D&D) of radioactively contaminated facilities.

 A single RadBall can be positioned in a highly contaminated area, glove box, or hot cell and left alone to passively collect data, instead of personnel spending valuable time and incurring potential exposure carrying out manual scanning and surveying. The device consists of a colander-like outer shell that houses a baseball-sized sphere made of a radiation-sensitive polymer. Those areas of the polymer sphere that are exposed react to the radiation, becoming increasingly more opaque, in proportion to the absorbed dose.

At the DOE photostream.

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