Tuesday, September 18, 2012

N5800 rocket ready for Balls

This rocket looks mean indeed!  The rocket features extra thick CF fins and nosecone, both of which use a high temperature epoxy.  Although the fins are surface mounted, without tip to tip reinforcement, the builder thinks that the thick base ensures a strong enough attachment point.  Hopefully all goes well, and we will get some video footage of the flight after.  If things go perfectly, the rocket is projected to break 100K by a significant margin, destroying the N motor altitude record in the process.  Although I have had my (rather vocal) doubts about using anything other than metal for such a demanding flight profile (to mach 3.8) there is no doubt that testing the limits of composites is an important part of high end hobby rocketry.  I would dearly like to see one of these N5800 projects succeed some day.

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Bayourat Rocketry said...

Good Luck, I shredded mine at AirFest. I never made the N5800 flight. It shredded on an N3800 at MECO doing MACH 2.5. Any one trying to go MACH 3 with composites is in for a heck of a ride

High Power Rocketry said...

I agree, but don't say that in the rocketry forum... everyone hates me for saying what we are all thinking