Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Carmack Prize officially won

"To our rocketry colleagues:
 This is our notice of a successful attempt to claim the Carmack Prize for a documented amateur flight above 100K'. Our flight on Tuesday 9/11/2012 reached 104659' AGL as verified by both the onboard Beeline GPS as well as APRS telemetry from the airframe that was streamed in real-time to the APRS database. John Carmack has validated our claim pending publication of our full report by 10/18. Watch for it.

The airframe is a two-stage, minimum-diameter design. Construction is primarily of commercially-available fiberglass components with carbon-laminated fins.
Architecture: Two stage minimum diameter - 4" booster to 3" sustainer
Motors: Commercial motors. Aerotech N1000 in booster staging to Aerotech M685 in sustainer.
25 second total burn time.
Total impulse: 21,650 ns
Length: 126"
Pad weight: 61 lbs
Avionics: (Raven+RDAS, Beeline GPS (70cm APRS), GoPro2 + WiFi BacPac) replicated in booster and sustainer
Payload: Smartphone+sensors with 2m APRS telemetry Launcher: 12' rail"

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