Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bare Necessities: N5800 competition entry

"This is the "Mudd Team"'s entry into the N5800CS competition. We are flying ours at XPRS (pending no tragedies in the remaining construction process). It was designed to be such that we could build it ourselves (well, by myself mostly, but that's a different story) at Harvey Mudd College over the summer. It uses as many in-house-fabricated parts as possible, as we prefer working with our own processes and materials, especially given the ease with which the N5800 has shrugged off commercially-made nosecones/body tubes/fincans in the past."

This rocket seems ready to handle the N5800, particularly because it will use an aluminum fin can. Not only is metal superior in heat resistance and strength, but the alignment will also be better than with fins installed by hand.  The nosecone will be reinforced significantly as well.  My only remaining concern is the coupler used between the motor case and noscone; it is a conventional fiberglass airframe.  Now spiral wound fiberglass is extremely strong, but it is still conventional.  I think it is the weak link in the project thus far.  With some reinforcing ribs it would be more likely to survive the flight.  I look forward to hearing more about this project.

There is a thread just started at TRF and a really detailed Google doc.

For more construction images, visit the Facebook gallery.

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