Monday, September 24, 2012

BALLS 21 - CTI N5800 Minimum Diameter

"Don't Debate This" Apogee: ~56kft AGL, Max. vel: M2.9.

This is the same rocket discussed below. This rocket had an aluminum fin canister, and a metal-cage reinforced airframe and nosecone. It was beefy, and so "only" went about mach 2.9 and about 10 miles up. Although that is highly impressive for an N motor, or any motor, two things strike me as more impressive still: the rocket flew without shredding, and it returned great footage of the flight. That is success. It was slightly over built, but survived the flight.

The fins and fin can were made from aluminum, and were welded and then given healthy fillets of Durafix, an industrial product that is half-way between welding and solder in strength and heat resistance. They held up just fine, and probably could have survived up to mach 4, although that remains to be tested. The nosecone shows some signs of heat damage, but survived well. It was composite with a metal tip, and extremely beefy.

See the entire build here.

This is an exciting time of the year for rocketry, as all of the balls flight reports slowly leak out. This will certainly be one of the most impressive and important flights of the year.


Ken Biba said...

Great flight! And just about where I thought this motor would take. Congrats from the (apparently) former holder of the N record.

But ... our AeroPac team got just about twice as high on about the same total impulse the week before to snag the Carmack Prize at 104589' AGL.

High Power Rocketry said...

True, and I consider that flight to be THE flight of the year so far. However, that would be a no limits (ie two stage) achievement while this is a single motor.

Anyway, getting massive two stage flights to work is the key to gaining real altitude on the cheap. A P staged to an N is capable of breaking 100 KM, achieving comparable altitude to S motors... so you gain a ton of efficiency in the process. And while your rocket certainly was built well, it did not require the insane amount of reinforcement or metal fins that these N5800 flights do. It was more of a graceful flight to near space.

Hey funny thing to note, you may have ruined the N5800 prize for everyone as they must now (as I understand it) break the standing N record so if you hold it, they need to get to 105K is that correct? That won't be easy even with the N5800 in an optimal airframe.