Friday, June 22, 2012

Nerrf rocketry launch this weekend!

This year as last, NERRF is hosted by Metra.  I understand that the launch starts today, and runs through the weekend.  I plan on attending Sunday as long as weather conditions hold up (and they probably will.)  No great plans really, probably going to put the Thunderbolt 38 up on an H400.  On the far side of a level 2 certification, my building and buying has slowed down a bit.  Probably will fly a few H and G motors, and also a 2x E12 cluster in the Viper IV.  Perhaps a 4x C11 cluster as well if time allows.  I have been meaning to burn some of my cheaper 29mm 40 - 120 reloads as constantly using CTI 29mm loads is very expensive.

It will be a stretch, but I am also attempting to fix the zipper in my Formula 75 in time.  It would be fun on an H400 also.

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