Friday, June 29, 2012

NERRF launch report

Well NERRF was great this year! It was like a normal METRA launch but with a few more people and a few more pads. Also, the rate of K, L, and M flights was pretty solid. The weather conditions were hot but the winds were near zero! I flew the thunderbolt 38 on an H400, Viper IV on two E12 motors, Drago on a smoky G, and finally the little Art Applewhite hourglass on an F39. All flights worked, though the Viper IV on two E12 motors was rather under powered, and adding two C11s or two more E12 (or 9) motors would be best for the future. The hourglass flew like a bat out hell as usual, on the rather strong F39 (the rocket weighs just a few grams) but was damaged on landing and may not fly again. Which is perfectly fine for an $8 rocket after a dozen launches. Not many images to show, but here are three:

Recovery, if not on sod or corn, was among these rows.  I am no expert but they look like eggplant.  Any horticulturalists out there?  Note the shockcord in the last image; the skyangle is an extremely strong and reliable 'chute, but it tends to spin rockets severely, even with the built in swivel.  Is this a common experience for others?

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