Monday, May 14, 2012

The Shockwave 29

"The Shockwave 29 is a high performance 29mm rocket. I wanted to gain experience building a rocket out of carbon fiber. I came up with a 1.26in wide, 24in tall mach buster. The body tube is 3 wraps of 2x2 twill carbon fiber. The fins are a homemade combination of 6oz fiberglass and 2x2 twill carbon fiber. They are attached with CA with carbon fiber fillets for strength and graphite-epoxy fillets for cosmetics and aerodynamics. The nose cone is a fiberglass 5-1 ogive from shockwave rocketry (hence the name).

She'll fly on a H410 Vmax at hellfire.
Estimated speed: Mach 1.31
Estimated altitude: 5400 feet."

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