Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MiniCube - $320 to near space

"The MiniCube is small plastic box five cm on a side. On the base is a standard camera tripod mount. You put your project inside the cube and mails it to JP Aerospace. We carry it to the edge of space then send it back to you. When you purchase a MiniCube you will get a MiniCube and a flight. We immediately send you a MiniCube. You can drill, cut, glue modify your MiniCube and mount your project inside. You then mail your MiniCube to JP Aerospace. We carry your MiniCube to the edge of space.After the flight your MiniCube will be returned to you along with a data sheet about the mission and a CD with images and video from the flight."

These cubes can also be flown on rockets for testing and integration.

JP Aerospace

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