Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A mach 2 custom fiberglass rocket

"In which I launch my fiberglass 38mm minimum diameter rocket at a Tripoli MN research launch... and lose it. No surprise! A 32-inch rocket at 10,000 feet?

We had several theories as to why we lost signal. It could have landed in water, come in ballistic and buried itself, or simply landed in a ditch or valley.

The rocket held together, which is encouragement enough for me to try again, and possibly ramp it up further!"

Daniel has rapidly worked his way up from a teenager flying mid power rockets, to a young adult flying L motors as a college student! Here is his application for a Space X Internship. I sincerely hope that Space X notices his potential and gives him the internship. You can catch a quick shot of the same mach 2 rocket in this video. It looks like a little gem. In an era where carbon fiber is the go-to material for high performance, it is nice to see fiberglass elbow back into the limelight a bit.  The layup seems extremely light-weight, and the fact that it is transparent, while not particularly useful in flight, is still very cool.

You can read more over at DTH.

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