Friday, April 13, 2012

Wildfires near New York City

Last Monday was an ideal day for hiking, and I went on a nice 10 mile trip. But this comes at a cost; with the dry weather and high winds, there is an increased fire risk. There have been a bunch of wildfires in the region, one in NJ, one in Harriman State Park, and a huge one on Monday near the Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island. This last one was giant, and I happened to pass about 1 km south of it. It took 30 minutes to sneak up on the fire, however, and the smoke trail was visible the whole time. The clouds of smoke were so large and dark, I had expected to find a major petrochemical fire or some explosion at Brookhaven. The other day, I also noticed some smoke coming from the west over the city, and got a few shots of it. Sadly, I got the camera a few moments too late to catch a jet fly right through it!

I think it was this fire: NJ.COM/NEWS

PS: yes there are trees in Brooklyn...

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