Tuesday, April 17, 2012

German V-2 Nosecone on Ebay?

Any experts out there know if this is real or not? It looks really thick and heavy for a nosecone, not sure what I am looking at here!

On Ebay

"Extremely rare WW2 V2 nose cone, the first 16 inches of the rocket, the very apex point, still containing some of the electrical system inside as you can see from the picture of the point. Very early piece of early rocket technology, the V2 was the first successful ballistic missile designed by Wernher von Braun, who later went on to work on the NASA Saturn V moon rocket. Very interesting piece for any space or rocket technology museum display. Has surface rust pitting from age, a few very small rusted holes, which could be plugged, would look better with a coat of protective rust proof paint, it is a very good stable relic from WW2 as you can see from the pictures, looks amazing and would look amazing in a museum display case for a rocket technology and science display for any museum collection. Even the best science museums don't have these rare parts for display, the last one I saw on ebay sold for $2000 in much poorer condition. This one is low priced at only $1030. Postage to the USA is not a problem as you can see from my excellent feedback and gold seller status, I sell a lot of rare items to the USA and worldwide. Very low buy it now."


Robson Hahn said...

Its looks like original. V2 Rocket Nosecone was very thick to survive reentry (and high velocity during launch) and no detonate its warhead.
This same system was used in R1, R2 and R3 Rocket (soviet version of V2).

High Power Rocketry said...