Friday, March 30, 2012

Project Sabot-Cam: Punkin Chunkin Camera Payload

"Project: the "SABOT-CAM"

Client: Discovery Channel, "Punkin Chunkin World Championship"

Objective: Capture the perspective of a pumpkin, in HD-Video, as if you were shot from the worlds biggest pumpkin cannon. No CG, but real footage from a camera carrying projectile. The projectile must travel the same distance as a competition pumpkin(4500' downrange), and capture both front and rear views, from muzzle to ground."

I wanted to keep the post rate to a steady and predictable 1 per day... but there is just too much cool stuff going on these days!

More about Sabot-Cam on TRF

*Update new thread:

See the flight info here.

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