Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brand new kit - Formula 98

The Rocketry Warehouse has just announced a new kit, called the Formula 98. This is the big brother to the Formula 75 that I have just finished. This kit is going to be on sale, at least initially, for an incredible $100!

Kit Pictured in Tangerine.

1. Over 62 Inches Tall
2. Built Weight 8 Lbs
3. CNC Precision Cut Parts
4. CNC Precision Slotted
5. Flies on everything from I to K
6. Perfect for Level 1 and Level 2
7. Requires NO Paint

A. Black Fiberglass Filament Wound Nosecone & Coupler 22.5" Exposed Length
B. Black G10 Fiberglass Nosecone Bulkplate
C. G12 Fiberglass 4" Fiberglass Upper Tube 16” Length
D. G12 Fiberglass 4" Fiberglass Booster Tube 24” Length
E. G12 Fiberglass 54mm Motor Tube 12” Length
F. Black G10 Fiberglass 1/8” Centering Rings (2)
G. Black G10 Fiberglass 1/8 Fins
H. G12 Fiberglass Coupler 8" Length
I. Black G10 Coupler Bulk plates (2) Inner (2) Outer
J. Vinyl Decal

Also From Rocketry Warehouse will be Matching Pre-Packs that Include Rocket Matching 60" Chute, Shock Cords and an Adept 22 Altimeter! Pre-Pack Price TBD.

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