Saturday, February 11, 2012

Design X - Icelandic student project

Amateur Icelandic rocket to about 1400 meters.

There are also many construction and post-flight images here:

As well as images of propellant cooking:

Here is a crude translation: "Design - X is not yet complete, although the last Wednesday it was oral examinations have been completed in the course and with all the work that the students had to deliver us over. but less than that, this is not yet over. In the evening on Wednesday went Rubber, Sector Deficit and the Svalbard component shown on screen simultaneously. They were there with great excitement in the scientific corner with him Helga from Leaning Tower. The show was shown on Friday and the boys were good and were both themselves and the school with distinction. But those who have yet to see the episode when he presented tonight at 00:20 or so on Monday morning at 19:10. I recommend you check out the episode, since this is also a very entertaining episode. Following nook that was a fraction of all the major media in the country, the well has been taken in the event. Subsequently, there were 3 members of the group asked to bring in aspects of Svalbard as it was said by earlier. But now next on the fact that I Gudmundur city and Kari Rafn are going to give a lecture on aviation conference that starts next week and will be in lecture on Wednesday. I Kvet all those who want to see me sweat please come and witness the wonderful items. There will then be announced later on the exact timing of this lecture, but until then, then I pray that heylsa. Yours Gummi"

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