Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back from vacation

After a week away in Louisiana, it is both sad to leave and great to be home. It certainly helps if you get home and find a tiny box by your door that has these two inside:

I am very happy to report that two of the new Estes plastic retainers have arrived. These are called "Pro Series II" retainers, and are designed for 29mm mid-power rockets. Each pack has two threaded tubes and two screw caps. This means that each pack is good enough for two rockets! (Or perhaps one with spares.)

I will install them on my two 29mm rockets soon, and post again with more information. For now I can say that they appear to be strong, but not terribly heavy. Basically they feel like PVC fittings of this size should feel. The color is a neutral grey, and will match the JB weld pretty well.

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Bayourat Rocketry said...

Your were in Louisiana. New Orleans?

High Power Rocketry said...

Yes, I went down for a week between the morning of Fat Tuesday and last Saturday. It is an annual trip that I do, always lots of fun.