Monday, January 30, 2012

Tumbling rockets

Tumbling Rockets from Ralf Vandebergh on Vimeo.

Presentation of pioneering imagery in the project called 'Tumbling Rockets''. Contains some examples of obtained high resolution imagery of tumbling orbiting Rocket Stages using a 10 inch telescope during the years 2010/2011.

Featured objects are:

1) Tumbling Aureole-2 rocket from 1973 launch, one of oldest still tumbling objects in orbit.

2) Tumbling Soyuz rocket upper stage, launched Soyuz TMA-19 to the ISS

3) Tumbling Spektr-R rocket, a Zenit 2 seconds stage which launched the Spektr-R radiotelescope into a high orbit. This original unprocessed video of images shows a very rare capture of this rocket passing through the telescopic field of view

4) The Nanosail-D solar sail captured tumbling in Earth orbit. This is a bonus which has indirectly to do with the tumbling debris like rockets, due to its demonstration technological purposes. Nanosail is used to demonstrate future technology were sails could possibly be used to manage faster decay of satellites and debris.

Credit/Copyright: Ralf Vandebergh

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