Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ebay is actually working!

Selling a minor item, mostly to get more rocketry money, and the results are a bit shocking... By the end of the listing I expect about 80 watchers and 250 views, hopefully they bid the item up to $200. I had soured on ebay recently because of items that did not sell well, and the fact that most rocketry items are overpriced, but perhaps there is reason for hope.


Bayourat Rocketry said...

Yes, Most rocketry stuff on Ebay is over priced. What are you selling?

R2K said...

Ah that is a secret :) Sorry, I keep my personal and blogging life somewhat apart these days after getting banned at the rocketry planet blog by a person who then pm'ed me personal threats. All because I had the audacity to claim that I did not love snap rings and that they had failed me during one flight, years ago. Yes rather than slowly blending my online rocketry and real world rocketry as planned, Ive had to maintain some kind of secret identity.