Monday, December 5, 2011

NASA losing one astronaut every two months

Commander of final shuttle mission to leave nasa

And why should they stay? Under the, as the French say, craptastic space leadership of President Obama, manned space exploration from America has basically been forced in a 5 - 7 year dead zone. No American space missions of any import should be expected in that time. It would not be shocking to see 10 - 15 years elapse before any really ambitious steps are made forward to deep space. And all this in the 2010s, 40 years after the plans for deep space missions were worked out and the capability to make good on the missions was first available. There is no greater indication of our failure to innovate and inspire than the decline of NASA. You can eat your seed corn this year, and eat well, but you will surely starve next year. The NASA budget should be pegged to 1% of the federal budget. That alone would get us manned asteroid and Mars missions. There are plenty of reasons to hate Nixon (the war on drugs and for-profit medicine are two hallmarks that liberals like myself see right off the bat) but the worst thing he ever did was drastically cut funding for NASA at a time when the agency had just pulled off the greatest single achievement in human history. Because you know, once they do that, why would you want to see what they can do next?

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