Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Launch report pt. 3

The following images are from a Wildman Drago on a G125 red motor from CTI, the video can be seen below.

Starting from near apogee, there is a pretty good view of the farms.

The ejection charge was once again visible through the airframe.

The nosecone appears in this frame first.

For now, the nosecone is attached to the rocket!

The nosecone fell off twice during this launch day. There was no damage however, it is a tough LOC cone.

Those small dots are the cars of the fligthline. The big white dots are vendors and the club trailer. The dots above the flightline are the LCO tables and generator. If you find the bright-white object near the middle of the cars, and go directly to the left, the green object is actually a large farm tractor.

The following frames are from the Wildman Drago flying on an F240 Vmax CTI motor. The video can be seen in the previous post, below.

This ultra-fast motor burns for about .25 seconds, and the flame was only seen in a few frames.

And here is burnout, only 15 - 20 feet above the pad. Indeed there was one previous frame that probably marked the termination of thrust, and it was even lower, but at this point the rocket is demonstrably coasting.

Due to a late recovery, the nosecone fell off. It landed just on the other side of a ditch from the rocket.

While I recovered the rocket and turned off the camera, my father (frequent partner in rocketry crime) went for the nosecone.

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