Thursday, November 3, 2011

Launch is a go for this weekend!

Preparing for the last launch of the year. The motor collection is still pretty big, hopefully quite a few of them will be gone by next week.

3x D15-4T
1x F12-5J
1x F52-5T
2x F240-VX
1x G53-5FJ
2x G76-4G and 7G
1x G125-R
1x G131-SS
And a bunch of D and smaller Estes motors.

The keychain camera should fly at least once, and with a bit of luck I can recover a nice video like last time. Perhaps it would be interesting to fly the camera with an F240, but unlike last time (with excessive spin) the camera will go on a 2.6 inch Wildman kit that hopefully will not spin quite so much.

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