Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CTI O 25,000 Vmax motor

"Static firing of an O25,000 Vmax motor. Single-use Pro130. 6,000 pounds for 1.2 seconds."

An O25,000 staged to an N 10,000, if such an arrangement could ever be made strong enough, could realistically be expected to break mach 4 no problem. A great way to test new high temperature composite builds, as standard high power rockets seem to be getting badly burnt every time they break mach 3. This would also be great for a boosted dart - it is comparable to a Super Loki Dart in power. If you go with a bare motor and some TIG welded fins, mass fractions would be decent. Throw a 7 lbs 38mm boosted dart with a camera on there, I bet you could hit 50,000 feet with an initial boost of mach 2.4 or so.

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