Friday, October 21, 2011

P 10,000 to N 4,000 two stage rocket

A new thread is up about a typically insane two stage flight from Robert DeHate.

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"Launched 9/30/2011 at noon, Black Rock Desert, NV
2-stage P10000 to N4000, all composite airframe and fins.
12.5ft tall, 185 pounds on the pad.
Altitude ~80K (no GPS data recovered yet, just accelerometer-based).
Max velocity: Mach 3.2.
20 fps booster descent rate, 80 fps sustainer descent rate.
Full recovery. Booster at 2 miles, sustainer at 6.5 miles.
Only other team besides Qu8k to get full recovery. And the only two-stager to get it all back.
Two GPS units, APRS transmitter, datalogger, three Pico acc units in the sustainer, two in the booster.

Lost altitude when it staged early due to a short spike in the booster motor at 2 seconds. This caused the electronics to think it was burnout and staged at 2 seconds after burnout instead of 8 seconds.

No onboard video. Same camera as Qu8k but it didn't didn't power up on the pad, so we launched without it. Can't go back now!"

More at The Rocketry Planet.


Darren Orange said...

How much does the second stage weigh?

R2K said...

Not sure, but I would guess about 30 lbs loaded?