Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More videos from the Balls 20 rocket launch

"Boosted Dart Project at BALLS 2011 Rocket Launch. Motor casing burn through, dart airframe seperates from tail cone, Recovery harness seperates, Booster comes in ballistic, Interstage lands under parachute. All parts landed down range." And below, the onboard footage:

"Onboard HD video of BALLS 2011 Rocket. Launch, motor case burns through, seperation, recovery harness fails, booster section comes in ballistic, payload section recovers under parachute. All parts landed down range."

"A large rocket with a keg of beer as a payload crashes at the BALLS 2011 Rocket Launch, Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Nobody was hurt and the keg of beer survived."

"Kevin's Moonburner" Looks like a 20+ second burn!

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