Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Schwerer Gustav and Dora images - Railway guns

High Explosive
Weight of projectile: 4.8 t (4,800 kg)
Muzzle velocity: 820 m/s
Maximum range: 48 km
Explosive mass: 700 kg
Crater size: 30 ft (10 m) wide 30 ft (10 m) deep.

AP Shell
The main body was made of chrome-nickel steel, fitted with an aluminium alloy ballistic nose cone.

Length of shell: 3.6 m
Weight of projectile: 7.1 t (7,100 kg)
Muzzle velocity: 720 m/s
Maximum range: 38 km
Explosive mass: 250 kg
Penetration: In testing it was demonstrated to penetrate 7 metres of concrete at maximum elevation.

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Algenon said...

Don't go to the Imperial War Museum expecting to see this shell, it's no longer there. The museum has been stripped of exhibits; the main hall is now largely stair cases, and at the time of writing (16/8/2015) the main hall only contains a V1, V2, Spitfire, Harrier, Land Rover, wrecked car, and a single WW1 gun and limber.