Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Five stage solid motor rocket reentry test video

This is a very cool video posted over at TORD.

It appears to show the assembly and flight of a five stage rocket, possibly reentry tests to prepare for the Atlas ICBM warheads. It reminds me of the X-17 series of rockets, but those rockets did not have so many fins on each stage, and were also larger. The upper stages (with conical stabilization skirts) generally were designed to burn after the rocket was already facing downward towards the Earth. They would then burn and accelerate the nosecone and instrumentation to mach 10 or 15. This would test reentry conditions, with decelerations approaching 100gs and temperatures soaring to above 10,000 degrees. This may be a Ram A rocket? If there are any experts please update.

*Update: Aerolab Jason Argo E-5

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