Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cosmic rocket - toy rocket

Found this little guy at the dump over the weekend. It has a rubber nose, and comes as part of a kit designed to run on baking soda and vinegar:

Amazon listing.

Any ideas on how to modify it for 13mm bp motors? The rubber nose would allow for a two way ejection system, or perhaps a rear ejection? Or featherweight with the motor getting ejected at apogee?


Dick said...

Depends a lot on the dimensions of the base. If it just fits a 13mm or 18mm, then you'd have a choice of 1) cutting the rubber top off, adding a stuffer tube to fit the upper dimension with the motor tube hanging out the rear, or 2)make it boink recovery as it was originally intended. Even my NAR club has allowed reasonably heavy boink rockets. Point it cross field and have the RSO ensure no one is wandering there. If the rear would accomodate a BT50 or greater, you might be able to do rear eject. I'd venture that this is pretty heavy for any chute or streamer that you can fit even in a BT50 with a 13mm motor mount. But it would look cool, would apparently have a recovery method, and the nose could still handle the resulting boink.

R2K said...

Actually it can fit a 18mm motor! But that makes tumble recovery less likely.