Thursday, September 29, 2011

Suicide by rollercoaster

Euthanasia Coaster from Julijonas Urbonas on Vimeo.

"The three-minute ride involves a long, slow, climb -- nearly a third of a mile long -- that lifts one up to a height of more than 1,600 feet, followed by a massive fall and seven strategically sized and placed loops. The final descent and series of loops take all of one minute. But the gravitational force -- 10 Gs -- from the spinning loops at 223 miles per hour in that single minute is lethal."

While I doubt this would be a comfortable way to die (10 gs must be very painful) and also doubt that 10 gs for a minute is enough to kill someone, it is a very interesting and disturbing idea. That it could be use for over-population is a bit much; one hopes we never get that far. If you really want one last, wild ride, strap people on to a rocket sled and send them through a water trough at mach 3. They would be knocked out instantly at 100 or so Gs and die after a second or two. Or better yet, let them die at home surrounded by people they love through some painless (or even euphoria inducing) drug.

This is an interesting proposal simply because it raises a valid criticism of the sterile, highly medical form that euthanasia, PAS, and terminal care take on these days. Many will not find these formats personally comforting. Perhaps in the future those who are unable to live because of terminal illness and pain will chose a customized time and method of death. Something that best fits them. I would like to die next to a nuclear bomb, for example. How bad-ass would it be to die, get vaporized, re-condense as fallout, and lodge in the bones of unborn children? More seriously, death by nitrogen narcosis while diving in the twilight zone of some tropical reef, perhaps off of Christmas island, would be the way to go. Anything but a hospital bed.

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