Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Frank Kosdon

Frank Kosdon passed a few days back. He is well known for rocket motors as well as a few rocket projects including the one pictured above (Thunderbolt.) Frank worked on the OuR project; something that helped get this blogger started in HPR. You can read more about his rocketry work at the link below. Also check out some of his rocketry:

The Rocketry Planet


william2233 said...

I'll miss Frank K, seen a few of his awesome rockets in Black-rock along with my son.

High Power Rocketry said...

Was at NY Power many years ago, trying to cert. level 2. There were many great flights that day, but when a Kosdon motor went off, one guy yelled "Smells like a Kosdon" and there was a small cheer from the flight line.

Chris Logan said...

Rest In Peace, my friend. Franklin Kosdon was a good man and is sorely missed.