Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FGM-148 Javelin missiles misfire

These cost about $40,000 each. Did a fun tax calculation; last year I personally contributed about $2,000 to the armed forces. Wonder why it costs so much? Well clearly to keep Iraq from invading us. This is the largest single budget item. A few hundred times larger than things like NASA.

Here is one fun new item that will surely cost millions of dollars:

Ballistic boxers


Arjan said...

I always laughed when my Javelin missfired because I didn't lock on target anymore in COD. Thooomp! and it just lay there..

R2K said...

In Half Life you could steer the missile by hand in flight, so you could even draw your name out in the sky. Or fly over walls and slam it down on a target. Highly unrealistic, but fun.