Friday, March 4, 2011


Despite the failure of the previous hit counter, recent estimates put the total page views for this page at more than 500,000 views to date. The actual number was passed some time this month, but it is certainly over that number by today. Most of these views were people simply searching "High Power Rocketry" while trying to buy rocket kits or motors, but thousands of them belong to you the loyal readers who come back often. Thanks are due to you most of all for making this small page enjoyable to maintain.

Here are some of the things that the more random set have been searching via Google when they arrive here:

high power rocketry - 133
high powered rocketry - 112
hmcs fraser sailor hat - 90
high power rockets - 47
q motor - 43
tnt gigatons to solar flare - 41
frag grenade - 39
glory launch failure - 39
high power rocket - 33
high power rocket motors - 28

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