Thursday, March 3, 2011

100K rocketry challenge

(Kosdon Thunderbolt)

John Carmack, of ID fame, is offering $5,000 for the first team to fly above 100,000 feet (done several times before) while meeting several other conditions:

"You must publicly register the project on the "aRocket" mailing list with a description of the vehicle at least 30 days before the first attempt.
Announce the location and dates of the launch attempt, so everyone gets to share the anticipation and drama.
You must supply a GPS serial log of the flight with at least one report above 100,000 feet.
The vehicle must be recovered essentially intact, within 24 hours of the launch.
You must supply video of at least the launch portion (ideally there would be video of the entire flight to recovery).
A report on the vehicle and operations suitable for publishing in a magazine must be made publicly available on the Internet."

This kind of goal is doable on a good Q motor, or an O to N flight (CTI 150mm O to an N1100 would be a good match.)


Arjan said...

what would it cost (aprox.) to do this?

R2K said...

It could be done for a few thousand bucks, an O to N flight using a composite airframe, plus the cost of getting to Blackrock would run you $5,000 probably. But you get to keep the rocket and other hardware after the flight and do it again! So $5,000, if a bit low (I hear it is now closer to $10,000)is still a decent reward.