Sunday, February 27, 2011

Opportunity Pancam / MI Merges

This combines my love of microscopy with space exploration. All Mars rovers should have microscopes on them, just as all senior citizens should have life alert. Sadly, no fossils yet.

"The images on this page were made by combining MI (intensity) and Pancam (hue / saturation) information. The MI (Microscopic Imager) on the robotic arm is capable of taking detailed monochromatic images very close to a target, while the Pancam, at the top of the mast, can provide color information of the general target area. When images from both cameras are merged, the results provide the benefit of close-in detail and color in one product. These merges are shown below, so far for Opportunity only. The most recent images are at the top.

To learn more about how they were made, see the MI/Pancam Merges PDF.

Additional References

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Photo Credit
If you plan to use any of the MI/Pancam Merge images for academic or publication purposes, please include the following credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell/USGS."

More here at Pancam

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