Sunday, January 30, 2011

DAGR Guided Rocket

"The 2.75-inch (70mm) DAGR guided rocket is a precision-strike munition that effectively neutralizes lightly-armored vehicles, rooms within a structure and other high-value targets. DAGR offers strike capability with the reliability of a HELLFIRE® II when increased loadout or reduced weight is a must.

DAGR has proven itself in over 20 successful guided flights—every DAGR target strike has hit within 1 meter of the laser-designated aimpoint. DAGR has hit short- and long-range targets, in both day and night scenarios, and in both lock-on-before- and lock-on-after-launch modes—and has proven accurate from up to 10 degrees off boresight.

Delayed fuzing increases the DAGR rocket’s lethality and reduces collateral damage. The delayed fuze actuation allows the rocket time to penetrate a target exterior before the warhead detonates, ensuring target defeat. The 10-lb warhead can also be set to detonate on impact.

Two DAGR smart launcher configurations allow the DAGR system to be mounted to a HELLFIRE-compatible launch rail or directly to an aircraft pylon—DAGR can also be launched from legacy M260/M261 launchers. The rail-mounted canister mounts to an analog or digital HELLFIRE-compatible launcher and readily integrates with all HELLFIRE platforms, including unmanned aerial vehicles and Apache, Kiowa, Little Bird, Cobra and Tiger helicopters.

The pylon-mounted launcher, which features its own strongback, mounts directly to the platform pylon or bomb rack. Launcher electronics provide weapons inventory and other data to the operator. The pylon-mounted launcher enables carriage by a variety of platforms lacking HELLFIRE launchers, including lightweight fixed-wing aircraft, small rotary-wing aircraft and patrol boats, as well as ground-launch pedestals and vehicles.

DAGR has been launched successfully from multiple rotary-wing platforms, including the AH-64D Apache, AH-6 Little Bird and OH-58 Kiowa Warrior."

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