Sunday, November 28, 2010

CTI Pro X F240 (24mm)

I just placed an order for a complete 24mm pro x case set, and three of these F240 motors. Boy it was not cheap... but it should be great next year to fly them.

For the record, please do not end videos the instant a rocket takes off, and certainly not in the middle of a kinda creepy sounding laugh.

Also, I finally messed around with the keychain camera and added a 2 gig. SD chip:

The first few video tests showed better than expected video, and as bad as expected sound results. The videos run about 1 meg. per second, which means 2 gigs should give me about 30 minutes of recording time. That should be enough for a flight or two, more if I bring a laptop out and dump after each flight. Anyway, I am certainly looking forward to doing this next year and making some youtube videos. Slowly, over the next few decades, I plan on getting into electronics more and doing altimeters and cameras.


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Yeah... Faster is better ladies, get with the program!

Not for me, but for guys who do 38mm altitude flights, it would be nice to see a J3000 or so. Mach 3 and probably a mile or so!