Monday, October 4, 2010

Why certain people are dangerous for science

It is not only insulting, but downright dangerous to have people like this in powerful positions. Many Americans think science is a waste of time, silly, or at least unimportant. They are dead wrong.


DTH Rocket said...

I think her point is that government funds shouldn't be used for frivolous projects. It's not that science isn't important, it's how it's funded that politicians are concerned about.

R2K said...

My point is, she is no position to make fun of science research or call important work frivolous. Politicians like McCain find science to be an easy target. You may remember when he called one of the finest planetariums in the world an "overhead projector."

Ignorance like that cannot exist in our leaders. Science is all too important and they must be scientifically literate.

Bayourat Rocketry said...

She really doesn't have a clue. She might make a good moose burger and she's easy on the eyes. But people like this have no business being in charge anything except maybe the kids hockey team or car pool.