Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just arrived

Just got some motors and parts in the mail, ready for the next launch! Got rail guides for one rocket, a 38-29mm adapter for the thunderbolt kit, a 2 grain 38mm CTI case, and the following motors:

225 - H400 Vmax (!)
125 - G131 SS
138 - G106 SK
159 - G125 R

That H400 should kick some ass in the 38mm min. diameter rocket. Has anyone ever flown one? Burn time is around .6 seconds, so that will be my fastest large motor to date. (Previously it was the H238, or the F101.)


DTH Rocket said...


What rocket(s) will you be flying them in?


lalligood said...

I've become a big fan of several Pro29 motors, but seeing your G125 reminds me of my favorite one: 159G54-11A. It's a single grain side burning full G with a 3 second burn. (However, the side burning motor does make for a messy cleanup as the plastic around the propellant melts to the inside of the motor case.) I've used the G54 in a modified LOC Weasel for some SERIOUS altitude, but I bet would be a real treat in a high drag oddroc too :)

Please report back on the H400 too!

R2K said...

Yes I have never flown (or seen) a Vmax or Warp 9 motor to date, and I am really into it. These motors will all fly in a LOC Graduator, a Wildman Draco, or the 38mm fiberglass thunderbolt. The H400, obviously, in the thunderbolt. I also have a 38mm Loc High Tech H45 kit that is being repaired and it can fly on lower thrust 38mm motors (well almost all but probably not Vmax).

I want the G54 and also the H410, both new Pro 29s I think? But no one seems to have them in stock. The H410 is an insane motor, less total thrust than the H400, and more average thrust! So fast.

I will report back after the next launch (hopefully this month) but sadly without a better camera setup I cant really do videos or much in the way of pictures.

lalligood said...

I'm lucky enough to have a vendor who has done an amazing job lately of carrying quite a selection of the Pro29/38/54 motors. So I've actually used a few of the G54s :)

(I should also mention that if you don't have any of the Pro29 hardware, get the Pro29 starter set--it comes with a 3-grain case, aft closure, & 2 spacers so you can use 1-grain & 2-grain reloads too!)

And our club photographer, who has an amazing camera setup, & I have a bit of a challenge. He tried to photograph my rockets & I try to fly them so he can't. Suffice to say that lately he's been relying on video to capture anything I fly... So if you don't get pictures, I can understand.

R2K said...

Very nice. I must admit my prox collection is not the best, but I have a 3 grain 29, a 29 6gxl (that I will never use) and this new 38mm 2 g. I wonder if anyone would want to trade something for the 29mm 6gxl, it is just too long for my kits. Perhaps when the 24mm motors come out I can trade for one?

lalligood said...

With that 6XL Pro29 casing, if motor length is not a problem (as it would work in your Thunderbolt), then spend a few buck on the spacers. I believe that you would then be able to use the 5-grain & 6-grain Pro 29 reloads (as the 6XL is really more like a 7-grain casing), but *I'd check with some at Cesaroni before you go that route just to make sure you can do that.*

If motor length IS the issue, then consider selling it on eBay. (I'm a little hard up on $ right now otherwise I'd make you an offer.) I've sold several pieces of motor hardware on Ebay & was pleasantly surprised to get nearly what I paid for them.

Just my $0.02.

R2K said...

Yes I may just try ebay, but usually selling anything less than $50 feels like a waste of time because you pay fees, shipping, etc, and I have hard time tracking how much money I really get back.

It is an idea. Maybe donate it to the club in exchange for flying free the next 3 times?


Yes there is an XL spacer in there, which takes it down to a 6g I think. Then I could add more spacers, but it is too long to fit into some of my kits, and really having 3 spacers sounds like it is going to get all sooty and crazy in there. On the plus side, that case came free with my Drago kit so no money spent really.

I hear there is a new 24mm F vmax? Something like an F210 with a .29 second burn time! :) That is the next motor on my list. How about staging an H410 to this new F motor, could mach 3 be possible in under I impulse?