Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The rocketry work continues!

The Thunderbolt 38mm nose cone got the first of several coats of paint, using the fire escape painting chamber. After this, the cone will be sanded again, given another coat or two, and then covered with a thin layer of clear epoxy. It will then be waterproof and crash-proof.

Last night, the MMT for the Drago kit was finally installed, this time properly with the temporary guidance of the lower centering ring, which has since been removed. Later, the fins were sanded and tacked in place using the same thin CA. Tomorrow, the whole assembly will be internally reinforced with a liberal application of epoxy. Then, the bottom centering ring can be installed and the rocket will be ready to go! (Well after I buy launch lugs or rail guides which were not included in the kit.)

The Drago nosecone now has the bulk-plate installed with CA, and will get a heavy layer of epoxy next, probably along with all of the other applications to save epoxy. This nose cone has a substantial seam along the shoulder and frontal area, this needs some sanding down. This rocket may not be ready to fly at the next launch, but the Thunderbolt will be! Any ideas about using a fast G motor for a fiberglass Thunderbolt? It would be a pro 29 3 grain G131 Smoke motor, this has about 40 lbs of peak thrust - and the delay would be short, or about 5 seconds. Hopefully this will be enough, I do not have any H motors on hand right now.


Dick said...

A G131 should get 'er done.

R2K said...

Thanks! I hope it will be a slow, graceful flight to try things out. Then an H400 perhaps? :)

I am a bit worried about the rail guides, they may not be perfectly straight so a test fit is in order before I fill out any flight cards. Also, the joint at the center of the rocket is probably a weak point still. The rocket fell over recently, and there was no damage, but perhaps there could be some cracking in there after a few heavy flights. Probably (yes this won't look pretty) a wrap of fiberglass on the outside would be a good call.