Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Esrange sounding rocket video!

"This seven minute video clip was recorded on board the Maser-11 sounding rocket that was launched from Esrange at 0600 UT on 15 May 2008. Maser-11 carried experiments for reserach under microgravity. The vehicle was developed by the Swedish Space Corporation for the European Space Agency ESA. The rocket reached 258 km altitude and provided six minutes of microgravity. The first rocket in the Maser series was launched from esrange on 19 March 1987."

I found out about this video at The Rocketry Planet.

In the thread, someone says that this rocket used a Yo-Yo despin mechanism. If so, and it does sound like it rather than some active cold gas system, it is really fast! On that note, even the sound track is very interesting. That supersonic, then hypersonic wind sound is very similar to hobby rockets as they get faster and faster.

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Robson Hahn said...

Nice VSB-30 launch. Full mission was a success