Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"The Rocket Project" by Sony

The Rocket Project

Building rockets with kids, and using rocketry and computers to teach science and engineering... great! Using this project as a chance to sell overpriced laptops... eh predictable, not so bad I guess.

But why the arrogant (and highly misleading) statement about the power of a Sony laptop as compared to a LM computer? "Todays Sony Vaio has more computing power than the first rocket to reach the moon." Now first of all, this could only mean the LM. But allowing for a first minor lie, and seeing that these words come over the Saturn V, I assume they mean the IU computer. Either way, this is nothing to boast about. It is a safe bet that most computers since the 1980s have had this much power. My cellphone probably does.

All of the SONY mistakes aside, this was a great idea. If only Alcoa or some other company that knows when to keep the product placements under control had sponsored this. As if these computers really launched the rocket...

Looking forward to the launch, hope they make space as planned!

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