Saturday, March 6, 2010

The best packages are 60 inches long and 4 inches in diameter

As if one fiberglass rocket were not enough, I now have two kits to build! A Wildman Drago just arrived, bundled with a pro 29mm motor (a promotion from a few months back.) However, rather than come with the so-so 3 or 4 grain case, this one came with a somewhat scary looking pro 29 6 grain XL! Yikes, that is just asking for trouble - these are big H and little I motors. Probably it is best to build one kit at a time, so the 38mm kit will go first as soon as I can get a new batch of 30 minute epoxy. It has already used more JB weld than in previous builds, which is an interesting test, but some parts require the fast, crystal clear stuff.

Dropping almost $300 on rockets in a few months is unprecedented for this rebar, with limited amounts of income, but it feels pretty good!

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The EGE said...

I am very envious. The Drago and Thunderbolt look waaay cool.