Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inert training missile

"A collectors dream, these are brand new European training missiles from the Cold War era that have been sitting in storage for over twenty years and are in pristine Grade I condition. They have not been used and the original markings are still the same as when they rolled out of the arsenal. Each unit stands 34.5" tall and weighs 8.9 pounds. This item is a relic that is made of metal and has been rendered permanently inert with the ingestion of non-removable inert epoxy filler. It contains no harmful parts or substances and can not be modified to be any sort of harmful device. It is sold for historical preservation and study purposes only."


How about sticking an I800 in this little item? :)

From Cheaper than Dirt


Dick said...

I wonder how much of it is filled with epoxy? I wonder of the fins retract anymore?

The EGE said...

Non-removable epoxy? Bah. No such thing.

Also: clearly the quality of comment-spammers is going down. They're trying to use BBCode!

Dick said...

Fill one of your motor casing with industrial epoxy and let us know how easy it is to remove.

R2K said...

Epoxy would be fine, just use rear pod ejection or something like that. Plus I bet it is only stable with the nose weight... look how small those fins are compared to the diameter of the nose payload!

Any chance a more skilled modeler than myself could do a copy of this?

Obviously it would have to be tube launched...