Sunday, January 24, 2010

Computer Virus

For the record, I got this virus while researching rockets without nozzles. One search result from Google appeared to be an early patent for this technology. "How great!" I exclaimed, only to quickly change my mind and say : "How craptastic."

I recently got hit by the worst virus I have seen to date (well it is actually malware or spyware or something like that.) I cant shake it, system restore is GONE (which may be a result of the virus) and the internet wont work. So the only choice is a redo of XP. For that reason, posts will be few and far between for a while, at least 24 hours from now. Sorry to all of the many dedicated readers (1) but we will recover from this and move on to create a better tomorrow full of quake III and evony.

Ironically the only thing still working, and working fine, is Quake 3. So I can still play it. The little Netbook is working but really how can one be expected to use that in a room with a 24 inch monitor?

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