Sunday, January 17, 2010

The case for microlaunchers

How do we define a microlauncher? What are the possible benefits from going with such small systems? This is an interesting talk contrasting rocketry to date, mostly very large and expensive rockets launching only a few times a year, with a possible alternative. I have not seen the whole video yet, it is over an hour and my quantum of time is more like 15 minutes, however it starts discussing the "Mainframe era" of rocketry, and this is an interesting parallel to the evolution of computers. I am particularly interested in this while also thinking about the N-Prize.

"Microlaunchers: The Case for a New Generation of Very Small Spacecraft, presented by Charles Pooley.

Charles Pooley speaks about his work in creating *VERY* small rockets (~500kg) to launch a one pound payload to orbit or beyond."

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