Monday, December 7, 2009

Patent by R.H. Goddard

I have been reading Retro Rockets recently, it is one of the new books in the recent buying frenzy over at Amazon, and one of the best chapters covers the work of Goddard. Goddard is now very famous in and outside of the rocketry world, but in his time (largely due to his desire to remain private and keep his work away from others, it seems) he was not very well known. It is sad to report that most of his work was simply replicated by at least one other team around the world, and little was learned directly from him. However he was among the first, and most brilliant minds in rocketry history. Here is a patent that I have found for an interesting little rocket:

This looks like a neat little two stage solid rocket, with some bulky steel structures around it.

Check this link if you would like a quick history of the early rocketeers:

Rocketry history

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